Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Awesome Kiddos!!

     Our Young Women's group had a photography fund raiser for girls camp and I was thrilled! It's been 3 years since we've had any family pictures done, and it was so much fun! Thanks Heather Moffitt for all of your hard work. We've been busy here. Andrew graduated from Naaman Forest High School on June 1, 2012. It was a wonderful night shared with extended family and friends. Thanks to Whitney, Chloe and Brett who made the trek from Missouri, and Gramma who drove all the way from New York. It was great to also share the night with Maci and her family! I even had a blast being naughty with the "seat police." (you had to be there lol) Ben spent the 1st week of summer vacation on high adventure to Colorado. He was able to experience & fall in love with zip-lining as well as white water rafting. Erin went to her 1st year of girls camp and loved every minute of it. Ahh the memories of girls camp. I loved those days. (except for when I lost my BEST blue comb down the hole in the outhouse. I'm obviously still traumatized by this) Andrew is busy playing baseball (I know,  shocker) and getting ready to get out to college. How is it that my kids are growing up and experiencing things I just experienced a few months ago. Ok, maybe a few years ago. Alright!! Alright!! Decades ago. Geesh...tough crowd.  Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

                                                            Dallin Reed Phillips 

                                                         Erin Michelle Phillips

Benjamin Robert Phillips

Andrew Thomas Phillips

Ben, Erin & Dallin
(Andrew had a game and got there late)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Andrew and Maci: Senior Prom 2012

May 12, 2012 Naaman Forest Senior Prom

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catching Up

Since we are so close to Easter, I thought I should probably upload the Christmas pictures. LOL I am SO bad!! I have been meaning to do it for weeks now, but trying to get on the computer with 4 other kids fighting for "technology time" isn't easy around here. Maybe I can find an organizational time chart on Pinterest! So...I kind of feel jipped when it comes to Winter. It's been colder these last few days of Spring than it was all Winter. (well, almost) We had 3 minutes of flurries late one night. Kind of made it hard to see, but if you held your head just right and squinted into the light you could almost see the flakes. Last year I was caught off-guard with all the snow, so this year I planned WAY ahead of time. November hit and I bought everyone hats and gloves ..snow stuff...I was not going to be unprepared again. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. *sigh* We'll, we're ready for next year. It's unreal that in a matter of weeks Andrew will be graduating from high school! How is it that I have children almost my own age? lol He'll be off to college and I will only have 3 here. Wow. What do I do? Ben will be driving, Erin will be a teenager and my youngest baby will be hitting double digits in age!!! I am NOT aging. The oldies radio station that has been playing all the songs I grew up with must be changing their format right? Now I'm depressed. On to the pictures!! Enjoy! (and yes, I know I suck at photography...get over it) Love you guys!!
Look what I made today!! I LOVE Stampin'Up! (thanks Christine)
Some Easter decor....

Natalie-this is the frame I was telling you about! I love it!
Ok, waaaay back to December: Erin made this edible manager in Young Women's
too cute
The best way to get your Christmas cookies done is having a couple sets of missionaries over!
We had SO much fun! I am convinced that Elder Howell (middle) is related to us. We have Howell's in our line and we have SO MUCH in common. I am claiming him.
Elder Hoskins was rebellious and decided to make brownies instead of cookies.

Our Christmas Eve tradition since we have been in Texas, has been to make homemade root beer and sit in our hot tub. No hot tub in our new place, but the root beer lives on!!

This was Ben's gift to Ben. He fell in love with it and decided instead of having a laundry basket next to him on Christmas morning to put his loot in, he would get this.
Ben also took over Tanner's job as Santa. He got to hand out gifts this year and did great!

poor Dallin was SO sick on Christmas. He stayed up for a few minutes while we opened presents but then he was out.
BEST way to ring in 2012!
One of our favorite shows is Cupcake Wars, but there is a horrible side affect...we always want them!! So we found a great place that actually competed in the show and we indulged! We cut each cupcake into 4's and we shared them. Oooooh SO yummo!
One day we decided to make a life-size game of trouble and play it thru the house. Erin made a rectangular die and this is her rolling on her turn. Dallin was in the lead.

Ben at the YM's basketball game
Intense game
Dallin's Pinewood Derby. His is the red and black truck with "10" on it.

Erin's first YW bb game. (far left)
Andrew on the way to Regalia
Ok, so Erin and I were making a cake and I told her to put in the eggs. She did. What a girl.
Andrew's 1st baseball game of the season. (before he broke his hand)

This picture was taken yesterday...Mark came to pick up the kiddos and they decided they would go fishing over the weekend. He stayed for awhile and taught the kids how to they spent a long time "lawn-fishing." Dallin's friend Jacob stopped over to see all the fun.
So, there you have it folks. All caught up.